Always do your research

Always do your research

Written on 09/10/2018

If your thinking about getting a fire alarm installed, how do you go about choosing the right Fire Alarm Company?

Within the UK fire alarm industry unfortunately there is no compulsory regulation or qualification needed to install a fire alarm, however in most countries in Europe you cannot supply or install fire protection equipment without registering with the local authorities for that region.

This then makes it harder for the person selecting a company/engineer as the UK market has an array of fire alarm companies ranging from a “man in the van to large corporations employing many engineers.

Here are a few things to look out for when searching for a good and trustworthy company or individual:


The obvious one is going for someone who has done a job for someone else

Third Party approval – someone who works alongside or does commissions for a well known and established company

Third Party Accreditation - Third party accreditation means that an auditing company that does not have anything to do with the alarm company will send out an inspector to check such things, as the operational capabilities, management systems, paperwork and inspection of sites that the alarm company has worked. The most significant accreditation body within the fire alarm industry is BAFE.


When looking for someone to install a fire alarm, one of the main factors that will be of consideration is how long the company or individual has been operating and what experience do they have in the work that they are proposing to undertake?

Making these basic checks can help you find a good and reliable engineer or company. If the alarm is faulty or fails to provide protection you will have to show that you selected a company with due diligence, as you are ultimately responsible for your fire protection equipment.

So take the time and choose a fire alarm and ensure that it is an engineer or company you can trust.