Fire Alarm testing and Maintenance

Fire Alarm testing and Maintenance

Written on 02/07/2019
Greg Chapman



The responsible individual whether it’s a facilities manager or a small business owner for the premises must carry out a weekly test of the buildings fire alarm system, this is required by law. Many companies still fail to complete these essential tests.  But remember that the lives of everyone in your premises, and potentially around it, are dependent on your fire alarm for the appropriate warning in the event of a fire.


The test can be delegated to a maintenance person but the responsible person and the nominated individual must have the authority to sanction any work deemed necessary to keep the fire alarm operational.


Service and Maintenance


Your fire system should be serviced no less than every six months. Maintenance of the system can be done dependant on the size of the property for example:  quarterly every three months or on large sites every month.


Your site must also keep a fire alarm log book; this holds all information of any tests, Dates and times of alarms, faults and what action was taken and by whom and any maintenance and servicing.