Residential Wireless Fire Alarms

Residential Wireless Fire Alarms

Written on 10/01/2018

Residential Wireless Fire Alarms

Fire alarm systems are usually considered for residential properties for the following reasons:

- 3 storey house for safety

- House of Multiple Occupancy

- House that has been converted into numerous flats

- Residential Care Homes

Rented and owned property aesthetics

If the property is rented you will find some tenants are not as bothered as to the appearance of the flat and don’t really mind if cables with trunking appear through the flat. However some tenants and most home owners living in the property, who have it nicely decorated wouldn’t like this and would see the trunking as an eyesore. For this reason we recommend to install a wireless fire alarm so there will be no visible wires or trunking.

Flats/residential home communal Areas

You will have probably seen before in a communal area in a block of flats or residential home, ugly cabling and visible trunking, or worse red fire rated cables just clipped to the building. This on top of other service wiring on show can make the area look very untidy. Newer flats and residential properties are now more concerned about the neatness and aesthetics of their communal areas so people are turning more to wireless installations.

The overall cost for materials maybe slightly more expensive, but you will be happy with the clean looking installation of the fire alarm system.