Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Written on 09/03/2018

It is the person responsible for the building to ensure that the fire alarm is maintained and serviced, this is set out in the Fire Alarm Regulations within the BS 5839-1:2013 Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings.

Recommendations to ensure that your alarm is kept fault free:

  • Complete a quarterly inspection and service to fire detection and alarm systems
  • Log any defaults found during service
  • Review of the system log book to ensure any previous faults have been recorded and any mitigating action has been completed
  • Ensure any false alarms are recorded
  • Ensure all Meter output voltages of power supply unit shall be recorded.
  • Ensure all switches, isolators or protective devices affecting the fire system are labelled.
  • Check all batteries, secondary batteries and their connections are in good condition (ensure mains disconnected). Renewed batteries should be clearly labelled with the installation date.
  • Check all dual supply chargers for changeover to batteries on mains failure, status of all indicator lamps, fault signalling to control panel and checks and test as recommended by the manufacturer.

Recommendations to ensure that your control and indicating equipment is kept fault free:

  • Check all control switches and visual indicators are working correctly
  • Complete a fault simulation to ensure fault indicators and their circuits are functioning
  • Test all ancillary functions
  • Using a test meter check the detector line voltage and adjust if needed.
  • Complete a zone check by operation of trigger devices, the correct details should display on indicating equipment.
  • Record in logbook which trigger devices were used to carry out tests.
  • Test operation of plant shutdown relays and outputs to adjacent systems (where applicable)
  • Check outputs to repeater panels (where applicable).
  • Check call centre functionality, the correct signal will need to be confirmed and logged.
  • Complete a test of the printers to ensure they are working correctly.

Recommendations to ensure that your call points are fault free:

  • Replace any faulty or damaged call point glasses if needed.

Recommendations to ensure that the audible and visuals fault free:

  • Carry out a visual inspection to ensure that nothing is obstructed
  • Ensure that non are damaged and if they are replace
  • Complete an audible sound test and record the levels
  • Clean all lenses and adjust if needed.

Recommendations to ensure that all heat and smoke detectors are fault free:

  • Visual inspect for any damage that would affect them operating correctly.
  • Clean detectors as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Check smoke detectors for alarm initiation with simulated smoke source, and produce a fire
  • Complete function test and replace if needed